Jacinda Larra

Master Stylist & Extensionist

Meet Jacinda Larra, a true maestro of hair artistry. From a young age, Jacinda’s passion for all things hair was undeniable. It came naturally to her, and she effortlessly transformed locks into breathtaking masterpieces that radiated beauty. Fueled by her unwavering dedication, she embarked on a remarkable journey into the captivating world of the beauty industry.


With an extensive repertoire of certifications and expertise, Jacinda has solidified her position as a revered Master Stylist and Extensionist. Since her career’s inception in 2003, she has ceaselessly honed her craft, particularly specializing in extensions. Her pursuit of excellence has led her to acquire multiple certifications, including Harper Ellis Certified and HairDreams Plus MicroLines Topper, both recognized symbols of her mastery.


Jacinda’s exceptional skills extend to the realm of dream-weaving through her expertise in DreamCathchers. As a Master Stylist and Educator, she imparts her invaluable knowledge to aspiring stylists, leaving an indelible mark on the industry. Notably, Jacinda holds prestigious certifications in Habit Hand-Tied and JZ Deluxe styles, both machine and hand-tied, showcasing her versatility and creativity.


Recognized as a pinnacle of talent, Jacinda attracts an exclusive clientele consisting of esteemed individuals, including the glamorous Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, fitness and fashion models, and influential social media figures. Her ability to captivate and enhance the beauty of each individual is unmatched.


Passionate, innovative, and dedicated, Jacinda Larra continues to redefine the boundaries of hair styling, elevating her profession to new heights. With her artistic vision and unwavering commitment to her craft, she ensures that every client leaves her chair feeling truly extraordinary, their confidence soaring as they embrace their newfound beauty.


Loma Picture

Loma Harkins

Stylist & Extensionist

Meet Loma, a talented stylist who has honed her craft through a journey of passion and dedication. Originally from East Texas, Loma graduated from cosmetology school in 2020 before embarking on a new adventure to North Dallas, where she found her love for live music. It was there that she crossed paths with Jacinda, a seasoned expert in complex color and extension work. For the past two years, Loma has been apprenticing under Jacinda’s guidance, perfecting her skills and developing her own unique style.


Loma’s top priority is healthy hair, and she’s committed to helping you achieve your hair goals without compromising its integrity. Whether you’re looking for a bold new look or want to maintain your current style, Loma is here to provide you with the best possible experience. 




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