Hey guys I now have a separate business phone! I know it’s way past due. It’s overwhelming to have personal and business going to the same number and things lost in the mix. So if you need a response this is the number to use!

☝🏼 row of elite wefts from @harperellishairco

Why wait for a breakup to change your hair? We took her darker, longer and fuller! We used 22’ elite wefts from @harperellishairco

Much needed Anniversary trip! It was short but sweet and just what we needed. Life is so busy for both of us it was good just to get away and focus on us for a couple of days. Back to the hustle tomorrow. And thanks to the village that is helping with my kid and dogs!

We all love a good red head❤️ she doesn’t color her hair so extension matching and custom color was the only option. She was very nervous but loved that you can’t tell the difference.

The difference in this hair wet, straight and curled. Remember when you show an inpso picture and you don’t style it the same, the color won’t look the same. Or if you freak out when it’s wet, wait until it’s dry!!

More blended and brighter.

She had to come in for new hair before she moved away from me😭 it’s ok it isn’t the first time, she always finds a way back to me😉 we will miss you @whattheheather

Hey guys I’m looking for an assistant to add to our team. If you know someone, send them my way!

Who’s going to know🤔 I won’t tell if you don’t tell! I created this look with 6 elite wefts from @harperellishairco

What do you think about pink 🤔

It was time to upgrade to @harperellishairco elite wefts!!

That new hair feeling🌞

This client has 2 rows of @harperellishairco for volume and color without coloring her own hair.

Because it’s 2022 she need to go back to 22 inches. Adding dimension with a darker weft in each row to make 22in more “age appropriate “ I’m really loving these elite wefts from @harperellishairco

Added depth and warmth oh and some inches!

A little before and after to brighten your day! 2 rows of @harperellishairco 24 inches

We are getting quite a few cancellations, if you are waiting for an appointment get on the waiting list on my website.